Kijani Corner “KC” is a students’ tree planting club. Kijani Corner Trust has been founded in order to support ecological and environmental conservation in Kenya



To promote tree planting in Schools across Kenya with the object of improving learning conditions and contribute towards a healthy and a secure environment. This process involves an integrated approach which involves Kijani Corner Trust, individuals, Companies, Corporates, Missions and Institutions.


Conflict management, decision making, time management and positive communication.



Every student to plant at least one tree in their learning institutions (or in an area set apart for the exercise) and nurture it throughout the duration they will be studying.

specific objectives

  • Improve on the school’s learning environment through creation of copses within school compounds.
  • Encourage other schools to adopt tree planting as a matter of school policy
  • Provide an avenue for information dissemination to other schools and community on environmental education and the actual practice of thee planting.
  • Contribute towards the general environmental conservation for a healthy survival of other flora and fauna.
  • Raise a generation that is perceptive to the value and importance of trees and environment.
  • Raise tree nurseries whose seedlings can be despatched to other schools, communities and any other person who may want to plant a tree

"KC Trust has also set up an education fund to assist need students from arid and semi arid areas through scholarships"


We appeal to well-wishers to contribute at least Kshs. 25 (Twenty-five shilings) per month to help purchase seeds, prepare nursery beds, water the seedlings and distribute seedlings to schools. Companies and other groups may also take advantage of this platform to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility. Proceeds from sale of seedlings go into the KC Trust education fund.


We are proudly sponsored by Interchange Africa ("Captain Green"). Interchange Africa (Kenya Ltd) is private limited company registered and incorporated in the Republic of Kenya. The company’s niche and central theme of operation is anchored on the concept of green consumption